Sunday, January 26, 2014

What They're Reading Now

One of my favorite things to do on my old blog was to list our favorite children's books every week and I miss doing it so I will try and start it up again here.

Bug is a chronic book repeater when we go to the library.  There's a couple of books that she makes me check out at least once a month.  I finally broke down and bought all of the Pigeon books and I might have to do the same with the other two because I. Am. Sick. Of. Checking. Then. Out.

The Pigeon Series by Mo Willems

There's several in this series (and a new one on the way that we are VERY excited for!), but I think these two are Bug's favorites.  She reads them over and over.  I bought these in a set from school and it was probably one of the best book buys I've made.  They get thoroughly read over and over and the little's laugh like crazy over them.

Bebé Goes Shopping by Susan Middleton Elya

This has been read so many times that Bug has it memorized and can even repeat the Spanish words along with me.  I like that there's a guide in the back that tells you what the Spanish words mean and how they're pronounced in case you need help.  

A Day With No Crayons by Elizabeth Rusch

This book is so pretty and lovely inside.  I love that they make real paintings out of the every day found items and it sparked several conversations between me and my little's about who the painters were and they were excited to see Starry Night which they already knew.  Bug's favorite part is the very last picture where Liza makes a collage in her room of herself.  She loves to look at it and see which items Liza uses.  

These other two are current books she likes:

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

This book is the newest one in our "GET THIS BOOK THE NEXT TIME YOU GO TO THE LIBRARY, MOMMY.  I LOVE IT." rotation. 
The letters from the crayons are adorable (Yellow's is too hard to read though.  We always have to tilt it back and forth to read each line.)   Bug likes to pretend to get angry and shouts at Duncan for being mean to the crayons.

Junie B., First Grader:  Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten (and Other Thankful Stuff) by Barbara Park

Junie B. is VERY popular in our household.  In fact, Goose threw a drama-filled fit when I made her clear them all off of her bookcase to give to her little sister.  Bug got three new ones from Christmas and checks them out every week at her school library.  Personally, I hate Junie B.  She's kind of a brat.  But I read them because they enjoy them.  *shrug*  This one is what we're currently reading and it's a special edition so it's a little bit longer than they normally are.  We try to read at least one chapter a night so it will take us a while to get through this but I know Bug will already have another one ready and waiting for when we're done.

Goose has declared herself too old to read with us every night now (a fact that still makes me a little weepy), so I don't know what she's reading at the moment.  She just recently finished A Series of Unfortunate Events and it has turned her into a Lemony Snicket fanatic.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bow holder

I had a really pretty picture frame and I didn't want to throw it away when the glass broke so I bought some zebra patterned ribbon and glued strips of it to the back to make an easy bow holder for some of their fancier bows so they wouldn't get squashed in their jewelry box.
I think I need to make another one solely designated for holiday themed bows so they're all in one place.