Friday, December 30, 2016

The Adventures of Ack and Snowy

Bug was very upset last year because her Elf, Ack, forgot to move most nights.  So the very first thing she asked for when Christmas season started was for her Elf to be better.  Mommy sent him to Elf Retraining School and got him a new best bud to encourage him to be better and Bug was very satisfied with his results.

 His very first night here was a night Bug spent in and out of the hospital for appointments and procedures so he stayed at home with Goose but sent Snowy in his place with a letter and a present for her.

Most nights he just left to go see Santa and came back to a different location but occasionally he brought the girls presents or played silly tricks on them.

One night he took a marker and colored on pictures of family members.

He took off his clothes and made snow angels!

We got a new Christmas tree for our living room and he brought them each new ornaments to decorate it.

Silly Ack took a bath in marshmallows.

I made pancake mix the night before and he got up and made himself teeny tiny Ack-sized pancakes before the girls got up.

There was a very intense game of Tic Tac Toe which we unfortunately never found out who won.

They brought the girls some new mugs and packages of hot cocoa!

Bug looked so forward to finding her visitors every day and is already talking about where they will be next year.

Monday, December 12, 2016

My Christmas Coffee Mugs

I don't have near as many winter coffee mugs as I do fall, but I'm slowly gathering a nice collection up.

My first one was bought last year and I regret not buying the bigger size because I rarely drink cappuccino's anymore and this one is almost too small for my daily giant cups of joe.

Another Starbuck's mug but this is from this year's collection.  I love all of their seasonal mugs but I am going to try reallyyy hard to limit myself to one a year so I don't go overboard.

And my favorite holiday mug is stupid but it makes me smile every time I see it!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My November Book Pile

This was a GREAT reading month for me.  I don't know what it was but I just felt like reading every spare second I had.  I even did one big readathon weekend and got through a few books off my pile.

I cleaned out my bookcase and donated several bags of unwanted books and I found a couple of teeny tiny books that I thought I could knock out really quickly so that helped my total, too.

My favorite this month was Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo.  I wasn't a huge fan of Six of Crows but I absolutely LOVED Crooked Kingdom.  I could not put it down.

There were several least favorites this month but by far the worst was Lafayette in the Somewhat United States by Sarah Vowell.  I listened to an audiobook of this one and finally had to end it a few chapters from the end because the author narrated it and her voice was about to make me go insane.

December is already proving to be a busy busy month for us so I doubt I will have this good of a pile going.  Oh well, here's to 2017!