Friday, November 6, 2015

Thrifty Treasures

I'm a huge fan of yard sales and thrift stores and sometimes I find some really great treasures.  We had a townwide yard sale recently and for around $30 I came home with a car loaded down with bag after bag of lovely new-to-me things.

The main things I wanted from this townwide yard sale were winter clothes for Goose (who is notoriously hard to buy for), a heavy pot to use as a water bowl, and a new coffee mug.  After a couple of hours of browsing and without even hitting half the sales I got everything I needed and more.

The best buy of the day was by far a huge dollhouse for the girls.  They don't need any more toys and I am extremely unpopular for always tossing old ones without asking them, but for $5 there was no way I could pass this thing up.  It even came with a bag of furniture.  It's been almost a week and Bug still rushes inside to play with it every day.

I also got her a Monster High car that was in brand-new condition for just $1.  She has a Barbie car that she's been using for years and it's seen better days so this was perfect for her large collection of dollies.

Anyone that knows me already is aware that I LOVE books.  Old books, new books, children's books, any kind of book has my attention.  So when I heard there was going to be a library book sale happening I made sure it was the first spot I hit up.  I think altogether I paid about $3 for all of these.  When I got home I realized I already owned Three Cups of Tea but it was still so cheap that I don't even care.
My brother and his wife are expecting a baby next year so I have made it my goal to be Awesome Book Aunt and build their library up with cute books and classic books. 

Goose already has a winter coat but this white one is so soft and fluffy and I could just see her wearing it and running her fingers through it.  She loves soft things and refuses to wear anything that isn't comfortable on her sensitive skin so for $1 this was a great unneeded but totally wanted present.  It had a $4 price on it but there was a huge stain up the sleeve that the owner hadn't noticed so she knocked it down to $1.  I brought it home and sprayed with some Shout and it came out looking brand new.

And since I can't forget Bug (who also already had a winter coat and did not in the slightest way need another one) I picked up this one from a slightly more expensive sale.  It was $10 which is still a steal from what the original price would have been.  It also comes with a muffler that still has the tag on it.  It's slightly too big on her right now so maybe she won't need it until her current coat is too small which means I didn't buy it for nothing.

I love buying my girls new clothes, espcially since they are at a size where finding nice used ones is getting harder and harder, but I also love coming across some great cheap things to help our seasonal clothes spending.  I got Goose a bag of leggings, pajamas and some plain-colored cotton tops that I know she will get great use out of this winter!