Friday, November 29, 2013


Tomorrow we are going to a hotel for "Black  Saturday". I am so emmbarred. And if I spelt that wrong, IGNORE IT!. Thanks for noticing. I am watching wheel of fortune. LOL! This girl on wheel of fortune has these HUGE eyes and crappy eye shadow. And theres this girl who is like I am a baker! oh my gosh! Oh, and that girl with the huge eyes and the crappy eye shadow just solved both tossups. Ooooh! Now she landed on a Bankrupt! Ooooh! Now that baker girl just landed on lose a turn! I could just see those eyes, LOSE THE EYE SHADOW UGLY GIRL! Now this guy on a comercial was like serios serios money! I could tell I spelt that wrong. TTFN! (Ta ta for now) Love, Goose. P.S. that is not my real name. :*******************) LOL star guy.

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