Sunday, September 11, 2016

My August Book Pile

I started the month of August strong with my reading and started shooting through books like crazy.  About halfway through the month the girls started back at school and my sporadic work hours turned back into daily shifts.  My writing just kind of dropped off and I had to scramble at the end of the month to finish up a few things I was forcing myself to get through.

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill was my favorite this month.  I've mentioned before that I LOVE Joe Hill.  So far my top three books this year include two by him and one by his dad.  NOS4A2 wasn't as fun as The Fireman but I still raced through this behemoth because his world-building is just so top-notch.  Christmasland was written about in such amazing detail that I could picture it perfectly.  Fun fact:  If you Google this book when you're done reading there is a lot of great fanart that bring the story to life even more.

Ollie's Odyssey by William Joyce was a close second for me which was a surprise.  Honestly I only ordered this from my library because I thought the cover was cute and that it would be a fun picture book for Bug.  Color me shocked when I get handed a giant chapter book.  I was going to just take it back but Goose picked it up one day and told me she liked it a lot so I read it after her.  The story was beautiful, about a little boy who loses his favorite stuffed toy and searches for him.  The illustrations are what put this book over the top for me.  They were gorgeous.

 How could I not love this?

I was pretty proud of myself for reading another nonfiction book again this month.   It was around 300 pages of nothing but the history of the Post Office and while I had a lot of problems with some things I still kind of enjoyed it.  History is my jam.

I am most proud of finishing off the Narnia series and finally completing Crime and Punishment which has honest to god taken me 8 months to get through.  It was a chore. 

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