Friday, March 20, 2015

Insta Love

I love Instagram.  Seeing pictures of books or coffee or nature relaxes me and I look forward to waking up in the morning and scrolling through all the new posts.  Most of mine are books and food but that's what interests me the most so it's all I enjoy taking pictures of!

After I posted a picture of the beautiful Puffin chalk covers my sister-in-law got me some for Christmas!

My signed copy of Burned that I had been waiting what felt like a CENTURY for!

 It was Bug's eighth birthday and she wanted momma to make cookies for her entire class.  My baby girl is not normally a fan of sweets.  Plain sugar was her choice.

My library is great at ordering books for me and when I saw this gorgeous book I absolutely had to see it in person.  It had the best illustrations I've seen in ages.  I would proudly put prints of this all over my wall.

Free books I picked up in my library bookstore.  I won a $10 worth of free books from a giveaway and I've gotten so many great ones so far.

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