Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dewey's Wrap-Up

This was my first Readathon and I think I did pretty good!  We were really busy all morning with kid stuff so I didn't get to start reading until after lunch, but I kept at it all day and way up until around 3am.  Then after a few hours of sleep I got up and finished strong for the last hour.

My original pile changed a smidge from when I took this pic in advance.  I started The Beach House and just could not get past a few pages.  I managed to read three books start to finish and then a big chunk of one I've been working on for weeks.

Somewhere in Time Richard Matheson was my first pick.  I was a little disappointed in this since the synopsis sounded so interesting but it was pretty much just a 12 year old's fanfiction come to life.  It was full of plot holes and made absolutely no sense.  The writing was really easy to follow though so at least it was a quick read.

Because of Winn-Dixie was so short that I breezed through it while walking on the treadmill.  I wanted something quick and easy and light to break up the two bigger books and this was so cute.  I put the movie on order from my library because I told the girls about it and they thought it sounded interesting.

The Red Badge of Courage was the late night book for me.  I stayed up until three reading this pile of garbage and I've come to the conclusion that whomever decides what books are "classics" needs a foot in their face.  *don't even get me started on how idiotic Moby-Dick is*  This book was boring and all the characters were full of themselves and I hated every second of it.  So glad it's off my shelf.

 I also made some pretty good headway on Moby-Dick.  I wanted to try and finish it by the end but I had a little over a hundred pages left and was too exhausted to keep going with it.

I'm pretty proud of my tiny pile of books and I can't wait for the next Readathon to try even better.  I think I read around 800 pages since I'm including Bug and I's nighttime books as well.  Next time I think I might try for one large book instead of a bunch of short ones and see how I do.  I might try Anna Karenina.  We'll see.

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