Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2017 Reading Goals

Well I didn't do very well for my 2016 goals even though I read a lot of books.  I always start out with such high hopes on what and how I am going to read and just never follow through because I"m such a mood reader.  I can made TBR piles for days and still pick up something that I just think looks pretty. 

For 2017 my number one most important book goal is to read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (finally).  I have this beautiful edition and I like that even though it's a large sized book there are a lot of words for each page so it seems like I'm flying through it.  My goal was to read it in two months but it's so dense that I think I am just going to aim to do at least 100 pages a month and if it takes me a year, it takes me a year.

I'm going to be trying for two reading challenges this year to branch out and try new books.  The first is the challenge from Popsugar which gives you a weekly theme and a few extras just for fun.  I already know of a few books that I want to read that fit the theme so I'm excited to get started.

One thing I noticed while looking over my 2016 book list was that I am slowly moving away from YA, something I'm happy about.  I always gravitate to it as a fallback when I have nothing else to read because they're usually short and have the prettiest cover, but I'm proud that I read a lot of 'adult' novels last year.

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