Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bug's 10th Birthday

Bug's 9th Birthday

Both of my babies are now in double digit ages and it makes this mommy feel so old and so sad.

This is the second time she's asked for a Minecraft cake.  I made a Stampy Cat cake two years ago and this year she wanted her new favorite YouTuber:  DanTDM

She told me she wanted a cake of his character's face so I searched around and found one that was made out of different squares of fondant.  Unfortunately, I've never worked with fondant and didn't feel like starting now so I replicated it using a star tip and colored frosting.

First I started with a plain cake mix that I dyed blue since it's her favorite color.  One thing I've learned is that if you make a boxed cake mix, use milk instead of water and butter instead of oil.  It makes the cakes so much yummier!

I crumb-coated it (not very well but oh well it gets covered up by the design.  I counted out the grid pattern and used toothpicks to scrape them through the frosting so I had a better idea of where the squares needed to go.

I tried to dye the blue and black colors a couple different shades apiece.  I used a dab of frosting for half of it then added a tiny bit more of food coloring to make it darker for the other half.  It doesn't show as well in the photo but it makes it look more Minecraft-ish.

Bug loved it!

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