Thursday, August 10, 2017

Random Things I've Loved Lately

It's been ages since I made a random post of things I'm loving so here's just a hodgepodge of pretty pictures and stuff I'm obsessed with lately.

I was introduced to Larabars back in January when I did my first 28 Day Reset round.  They're these snack bars that only have a few ingredients in them and they. are. amazing.  I buy them in bulk every time I go to the store.  Peanut Butter Cookie is just the best thing ever.  I savor them like a candy bar.  So, so good!

I worked my butt off during this last year.  Most days I was gone between 10 and 6 and there were quite a few days where I worked 7-6.  So I rewarded myself with a handful of Barnes and Noble orders.  There's nothing I like better than beautiful books.  Usually I buy for my girls or when it's for me I only order books I've read through the library and loved.  There's nothing I hate worse than spending $15-$20 on a book and hating it.  The MinaLima editions of classics are an exception.  I buy every one that comes out because it's not just the story I want to enjoy, it's the whole experience.  They are worth the money.  I already have the entire Harry Potter collection but I want to start reading them with Bug and I thought she would enjoy the illustrated versions so I'm going to slowly start to collect them, too.

If you have a Krispy Kreme near you then run, don't walk, and get there before the Cake Batter donuts are gone.  They are the best donut I've ever eaten and Goose can literally eat five in one sitting.  She's unstoppable when it comes to the Cake Batter flavor.  I love sitting at the table with a yummy donut and a hot cup of coffee and not moving for a while because there's a book in my lap. 

*sidenote- this book was horrible

I know this post is heavy on the books, but it's honestly because books are a huge part of my life.  I rarely leave the house without one because you never know when you need something to read.  Growing up my parents spoiled me with books.  They were so cheap and I read so much that pretty much every time we went to town I got a new one.  Wal-Mart came out with the Wizard of Oz paperbacks around the time I was in sixth grade and I eagerly started collecting them.  I never got them all but I had a decent amount that I absolutely loved.  Oz became my favorite fantasy world and over the years I've gone a little crazy in my collection.  I'm rereading the series now and trying to go slow with no more than one book a month but it's so hard!

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