Friday, February 26, 2016

Goose and Bug Adventures- Evansville Museum

Last fall there was one cold, rainy weekend where we just could not spend one more second in the house so we decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Evansville, Indiana with our Nana and explore the museum. I took them there five or so years ago and we had a good time but it's a relatively small museum and I knew they'd get bored if we went back year after year.

There was recently an overhaul of the museum and a lot has changed from what I remember so it was a great time to revisit and see what all was new.  Unfortunately it was dark inside most of the exhibits so I couldn't get a lot of photos but take my word for it that it's a good place to visit if you have two or three hours to kill in Evansville.

The quilt exhibit was the girls favorite part.  They enjoyed seeing all of the designs and being the first to point out the most elaborate ones.

I'm a lover of older art (contemporary art bores me a little, I'm sorry) so seeing this Rembrandt made my day.

Included in the admission price to the museum is free entrance into the Evansville Museum Transportation Center next door.  EMTRAC wasn't something we would have necessarily set out to visit but since it was free we gave it a shot and it was well worth it.  The history of the museum on the walls inside was neat but it was hard to enjoy it with two girls watching five seconds of the videos before tugging on your sleeve and pulling you onto the next picture.

There was a small section of a boat built inside where kids could pretend to steer with a giant wooden wheel and they fought over who got to turn it and spout out pretend instructions.

Inside the museum is a sprawling miniature train exhibit that lights up and narrates a history lesson for you as the tiny trains zoom through old-school Evansville.  We watched it twice because they couldn't get enough of it.

The biggest draw for EMTRAC was the real vintage train outside that you can go inside of and explore all of the cars.

They had a blast running through the cars and exclaiming over all of the rooms they found.  Their favorite was a tiny bedroom where the train conductor would sleep that was equipped with a lifelike statue that made both of them shriek in fright.
There's also a train bell that you can pull and it took about five minutes to drag my girls away from it. 
The Evansville museum was a place my mom took me to several times growing up and I remember being so absorbed by it so I'm glad I got to share this with my girls.

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