Saturday, February 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Bug!

It was recently Bug's birthday and every year they get to pick what kind of homemade cake they want.  This year she picked Boba Fett which came as no surprise to anyone who has ever met her.  Superman may be her soulmate but she's been having a love affair with Boba since around Halloween.

I worked for about two hours on this and it was nowhere near perfect but she absolutely loved it and said it was her favorite cake ever.

I love her sweetness, her smile, the gap in her teeth, her crazy hair, the way her eyes are swollen in the mornings, the love notes she leaves me all over the house, how she thinks her older sister walks on water, that she's always up for an adventure, her devotion to her raggedy stuffed cat she's had since she was a toddler, I love everything about her.  My heart is full.

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