Monday, April 4, 2016

My March Book Pile

March was mostly an eh month for me when it came to reading.  I honestly didn't read for almost two weeks.  It was just sporadic and mainly consisted of me starting and stopping a half a dozen books.

Finally with about two weeks left in the month I buckled down and got back to business.  Bug had a big doctor's visit to St. Louis so we spent half the trip there in the car reading together and we managed to do about a quarter of her Narnia book that day which was a huge relief.  Those books are so slow and sluggish and I'll be glad when we're done with this series and can try the Oz books.

I also started spring-cleaning my house and listened to about 350 pages of Jane Eyre on audiobook while doing it which left me with just a small chunk to read on my own.  So that was a huge book I worked through just by deep cleaning my house.

Fave was, of course, Jane Eyre.  It's my favorite book after all.

Red Winter by Dan Smith was my second favorite.  It was a retelling of a Russian myth and I enjoyed it a lot.  It was a relatively slow starter but once the plot started to pick up I finished it off quickly.

Least favorite was probably book three of the Narnia series.  The Horse and His Boy was very boring and thankfully we had a lot of time at night to read so Bug and I shot through it.  Book four was a little more interesting.

I was a little disappointed in Texts from Jane Eyre.  There was very little Jane Eyre in it at all, which being the title you would think there would be a bit more than just a couple of pages.  All of the speakers came across equally no matter what story they came from.  There was always just one sarcastic person and one oblivious person talking to each other.

Hoping to finish my big Three Musketeers sequel for next month!


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