Thursday, April 28, 2016

Evansville Zoo

We love going to the zoo.  Our favorite is St. Louis but the Evansville one is a lot closer and it's easier to get to without having a panic attack on the interstate.  Bug had a big procedure in St. Louis last Friday and woke up on Saturday morning feeling miles better than she had been so to celebrate we woke up on Sunday and decided to do a spur of the moment trip to celebrate.

The zoo unfortunately isn't free like St. Louis, and to be honest, it does not deserve the high price tag.  Usually it only takes between 2-3 hours and we are done with everything.

Goose was our designated photographer for the day and she enjoyed taking pictures of everything.
Literally.  Everything.


My mom and I would visit this zoo almost every summer while I was growing up and one of my favorite and most cherished sentimental memories of this zoo is the monkey ship.  I can vaguely remember when the monkeys were on it and once when I was in high school we brought my nephew and he was able to do bumper boats around it.  Right now it sits in a sad and empty concrete pool and needs a lot of TLC, but it still is one of my favorite things to see in the park.

There was a new bear there that was right out in the open and easy to view which made the girls happy. 

Goose's favorite animal is the red panda so she spent a lot of time checking them out.  

And Bug's favorite is forever the zebra.  When she left their exhibit she told me she wouldn't bother me the rest of the day since she got to see them.

One of the newest animals at Mesker Park Zoo is the komodo dragon. 

I've decided that we are only taking zoo trips in cooler weather from now on.  We realized that during our STL trip last fall.  The breezy and cool weather means almost every animal will be out and about instead of hiding from the heat.  We saw everything on this trip, like animals that I have only witnessed there a couple of times (prairie dogs) and even some stuff we've never been lucky enough to spot before (the wolves).

When we left the zoo we did some much needed girl-time shopping at the mall.  Goose wouldn't pick out a Build a Bear so Bug picked one out for herself and for her new baby cousin.  They discovered the LOVE Fazoli's and we found out where the Barnes and Noble was.  They were thrilled when they seen it was two stories and the highlight of the store was riding the escalator. 

We were gone all day together, just us three, and it was fantastic.  I'm a happy mommy.

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