Sunday, May 22, 2016

My April Book Pile

 April was a long month for me.  Between Bug's numerous doctor's appointments, end of school antsiness, and my general hatred of my job, there wasn't much for me to enjoy about reading.

I know I usually talk about my favorite and least favorite of the month but I honestly didn't have any real standouts in April.  If I really had to choose I would say Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King was the easiest read.  I wish I had known in advance that it was a thriller and not a paranormal type book.  It might have made me like it better, but I was a little disappointed when I was expecting typical King.

The overall least favorite for the month was pretty easy to choose.  Twenty Years After by Alexandre Dumas was so boring I felt my hair grow.  It took me ages to read this book and the only thing that finally pushed me through was the Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon.  I stayed up late reading on it and finished it the next day.

I realized recently that I think I've only had one 5 star read this year so far and that was 11/22/63 way back in January.  No wonder I feel book burnout.  I haven't had a great read in months!

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