Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Evansville Museum

The girls and I absolutely love Evansville, Indiana.  It's such a beautiful city and there's tons of fun stuff to do with kids.  We've been going routinely ever since they were babies and we always have a full day of fun.

The museum had a special display of World War II locations made entirely out of Lego's.   They were really detailed and the girls liked this section a lot. 

This ship was HUGE.  So huge I couldn't even get a full picture of it.  And see that photo on the left?  That's also made completely out of Lego's!

Their favorite part of this museum is always the town square on the first floor.  It has glass cases  where you can look in and see a reenactment of what that store would have looked like.  And the whole wing of the section looks like you're really walking through a town.  

The candy store is really cute with candy on display but as you can see they all need a good dusting!

What the kitchen would have looked like with the parlor through the door.  I told the girls a parlor was a fancy living room where only guests were allowed to go and if they thought we could have a living room like that and keep it clean.
No, the answer was of course no.

The dentist office is always one of my favorites with the tiny bottles of stuff and the scary looking implements they used on display.

They love the toy store and always tell me what they want out of it.

My favorite part of town are the beautiful "streets" you walk through.

We didn't have time to fully explore all of the artwork upstairs because we had tickets to their movie and had to be back in time to line up for it.  I tried to get a good picture of the domed screen and how it wraps completely around you but wasn't able to.  The movie we watched was really cute about a dinosaur and how it was born and died but honestly craning my head back and forth to see everything gave me a bit of a headache.

We did get to see a few fun pieces of art like this Andy Warhol painting. 

 My favorite art section in the museum is the wooden room with some super old beautiful paintings.

After we left the museum we visited the train museum again.  They love climbing through all of the trains and ringing the big bell in the front.  We also have to buy Goose the disgusting astronaut ice cream they sell in the gift shop that she loves.  

The weather was amazing this day.  Not too hot but warm enough we had a fun stroll on the sidewalk next to the river.  We found a bench and relaxed while Goose ate her dehydrated and gross ice cream (I really dislike astronaut food in case it's not obvious) and just watched the water for awhile.

There's this beautiful building right beside the water and we wanted to go in but didn't have time.  I think it might be a tourist bureau but no matter what it is, it sure is pretty!

After the museum we went to eat (and sadly realized this was probably their last time being small enough to play in the Chick-Fil-A playplace) and then did some shopping at the two story Barnes & Noble that they are obsessed with.  

My girls and I had such a fun day together!

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