Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Funko Collection

I have a bit of a Funko Pop obsession and it's been very hard for me to try and stop buying so many to save some money up.  They're usually less than ten dollars so buying one here and there is no big deal and it's only when you see them all together that I'm finally like
That's a lot of money...

So since I'm on a Funko Pop ban for a while I wanted to showcase my collection as it stands right now.  These are just the ones that I claim.  The other three in the house have their own collections.

My Star Wars collection is small compared to how many there are but I still am happy with it.  There's not really any more Pop's I want to add to it so I think that unless I just randomly come across one later that I like I am saying this is complete.  (I do want Queen Amidala but unfortunately she is very, very expensive.)  My favorite is Darth Maul, of course.  He's been my favorite Star Wars character since high school and I'm not even ashamed that I had a birthday cake of him.


The Avengers pops are my biggest collection.  I don't have all of them but this is still a pretty big percentage of what is out there.  Vision was the first Funko I bought and Paul Bettany is the star of my favorite move of all time, Legion, so of course this Funko was destined to be my favorite.

Eventually I would like to buy Twelve to add to my Doctor Who collection.  I love his version of the Doctor, I just haven't had a chance to pick him up yet.  Ten is forever my favorite Doctor though.

Leeloo from the Fifth Element and Diablo from Suicide Squad have to stick together since they're the only ones from their series that I wanted.

Pocahontas is another who's all alone.  The only other character in her series is Meeko but I can't get Meeko and not have Flick, too.

Last we have the Game of Thrones section of my bookshelf.  I only bought one for each book so that's why I stopped at five.  I wanted to buy my favorite character from each book that I read and Tyrion came first since he's the king of Westeros to me.  I watched the series while I was reading the fifth book so that's why Sam's in there instead of a book character.  I loved him from the show more than I loved any one person in the book.  The only thing I regret from this collection is that I have Dany and not Littlefinger's Funko.  After watching the tv show I really don't like her character anymore and would love to go back and buy his instead.

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