Sunday, August 7, 2016

My July Book Pile

I went a little overboard in July...
A little too much overboard.


There wasn't really anything I wanted to watch on TV since Game of Thrones ended so I decided to spend all of my free time just reading.  And I accomplished that with a bang.

Most of these are library books that were due back at different times so I wasn't able to get a pic of the whole pile but I imagine it would have been glorious.  As in, won't even fit into the frame properly kind of glorious.

Two of these books are more than 700 pages which is almost like reading two books in one so I'm especially proud of myself for how much I accomplished.  I absolutely hated A Little Life and it was pure torture to finish it, but the other doorstop I read (Alexander Hamilton) was actually pretty good and even though it was dense it was really interesting.

My favorite was Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine which is the second book in The Great Library series.  I still wish there was a little more character building but the universe is so in-depth that I am okay with more of it and less character buildup. 

I disliked quite a bit of this month's books, unfortunately.  As I said above, I hated A Little Life and had to force myself to finish it.  I couldn't even finish Rome but since I read 230 pages of it before giving up I'm still counting it as a full book on my list.   Most of the books I read this month received 2-3 stars and I hate that.  I miss loving everything I'm reading.

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