Saturday, June 24, 2017

April 2017 Books

For some reason I didn't do a lot of reading in April.  School was starting to wind down but stress at my second job kept me too jittery to do much besides worry and get angry at everything near me.  I did do myself a favor and decide enough was enough with the Titan books though.  After 17 volumes I just couldn't deal with it anymore and I gave up.  I know this series is a lot of people's favorites but to me it was just a rehash of the same scenes over and over and I could read one book in about 30 minutes because there was so little dialogue. 

Bug and I finished a grand total of THREE books together this month!  She of course loved her Beverly Cleary (always a favorite in our home) and I discovered the 13-Story Treehouse books at our local library and picked the first one up for her.  She thought it was the greatest thing ever and begged me to get the next one as soon as we had finished it.  I think they're a little cheesy but they're not aimed at my age group so my opinion doesn't matter as much as hers.  Bug just thought they were hilarious. 

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