Friday, March 11, 2016

Ducktape Bookmarks

My girls have become obsessed with all things ducktape lately.  They have made me fashion wallets and bookmarks so far.  So when I saw a roll of Star Wars ducktape at Dollar General for only five dollars I knew it had to come home with me for a project.

These bookmarks aren't anything special but it was something fun for me to do for them and now they have one-of-a-king Star Wars bookmarks!

I took a sheet of white cardstock paper and placed ducktape down the length I wanted my bookmark to be.  I lined up the other side as carefully as possible and cut them out.  At first I really wanted to use decorative craft scissors to make the edges pretty but the stickiness of the tape detoured that plan so these are all boring straight-edged.  I cut around the bookmark so that it was as even and straight as possible on both sides.

After that you just take a hole punch to the center of one end.  I found that punching two holes side by side made the garland fit a little better.

I bought this pretty silver tinsel also at Dollar General in the Christmas clearance section for just thirty cents a roll.  I thought it matched the spacey theme of the bookmarks and it just looks fun on them.

Now the three of us have cute new bookmarks!

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