Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Goose and Bug Adventures- Heron Pond part two

As soon as it started to get prettier outside Goose started asking when we were going to be hiking through Heron Pond again.  I really would have preferred to do some new places but she begged and begged so we decided to take their dad along since he'd never been there before.

This place is really easy to find but the directions online are very, very confusing.  I remembered going one way, but when I Google Mapped it, there was a completely different set of directions given and I was too worried to try my way so we went the route it told us to.  It took about 30 minutes longer than it should have.  Next time, trust my gut.

By the time we got there it was about one hour until sundown so we raced through which actually wasn't as bad as it would seem.  There's a lot of scenic paths to hike on but a lot of the path is just through trees so we ran through some parts and it was a lot of fun.  Bug and I raced each other to see who could get to each turn first.

Going in the winter wasn't as fun as in the full foliage of summer but the Cyprus trees are so beautiful that it really doesn't matter what season you go in.  While they may not be thick and lush and green they are still stately and beautiful and worth seeing.

The best part of Heron Pond is the beautiful walkway over the swamp.  It's not very long but it leads you around a corner so when you get to the end you feel like you're smack dab all alone in the middle of a swamp.

The girls are still really disappointed that the big tree isn't really that big.  One of Bug's biggest Bucket List items is to see a giant redwood so anything that isn't comparable she doesn't really care about.


I'm so glad it's now spring and that maybe we can go back to our weekly hiking trips!

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