Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Christmas Decorations

I'm more of a handmade kind of decorator.  I don't like a lot of junk and I just don't see the point in keeping something unless it has nostalgia attached to it.  That's why a lot of our Christmas decorations are things that I remember my mom using when I was younger or stuff the girls have made me over the years.

Every year we put these signs up on our kitchen cabinets.  I love seeing their happy baby art and I'm going to be really sad when they get too worn out to use.  I've already had to stop putting out some stained glass Christmas tree ones and I missed them this year.

Not even our fridge is safe from Christmas decorations.  I have been collecting holiday magnets for years and seeing them all out every year is one of my favorite things!

Our Christmas tree in the girls playroom.

I saw someone on Instagram use a black Christmas tree as a Halloween tree and I loved the idea so I made sure to buy one at the beginning of the holiday shopping season.  So we now have two Christmas trees.  In the beginning I didn't want two trees but by the end of the first night we were all in love with the new tree.  It made our living room so homey and perfect.  It was decorated with all the cast-off ornaments we couldn't fit on our old tree so it's a little bare here.


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