Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My December Book Pile

Even though I had a week and a half off for Christmas break this month I wasn't able to get much reading done.  I'm not sure what happened but I just wasn't feeling books for the first few weeks of December.  I still managed to finish six and it pushed me to a grand total of 115 books for 2016!  Nothing to sniff about!

This month I did four books on my own and two readalouds with Bug.  Matilda took us foreverrr to get through and I don't know why because she actually really liked it.  We just had tough like finding reading time together to do it.  After we finished she immediately started the movie and has already watched it twice.  The Great Gilly Hopkins on the other hand took us just a few days to read.  She made me read 50 pages of it in one sitting because she loved it so much.

I really wanted to have all of my in-progress books finished by the new year so I took the last few days of the month to buckle down and finish everything up.  Wuthering Heights and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn were my final books of the year and they weren't anything special which is upsetting.  I was hoping to end on a high note.  On the bright side, that's two big classics I can cross off my list of books I wanted to read.

My favorite book this month I guess is the Little House book by default.  Just because nothing else really blew me away. :/

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